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Lawyers and Magistrates

Lawyers and judges form a couple that is inevitably disunited but for
who divorce is impossible. The “confrontational culture” between
lawyers and magistrates can be explained by their antinomic missions
and a growing trend toward the criminalization of litigations. The
negative image of magistrates and lawyers is certainly not advantageous
to the justice system, but the article shows that a poor understanding
of the missions of these two professions by the public explains
the injustice done to the legal profession. Yet, this certainly does not
mean that the state of our justice system, its functioning and its organization
are satisfactory. The justice system suffers from the fearful
contempt of the political class and from financing limits unheard of in
the great western nations. The mode of selection of magistrates should
be radically reformed and opened up. In the end, the efficiency and
the legitimacy of the justice system are at stake, and this should be a
concern for every French citizen.


Référence électonique : Bruno THOUZELLIER, "Lawyers and Magistrates", Pouvoirs, revue française d’études constitutionnelles et politiques, n°140, 140 - Les avocats , p.91-97 . Consulté le 2021-10-21 17:14:14 . URL : https://www.revue-pouvoirs.fr/Lawyers-and-Magistrates.html