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The Endless Game of Bounding Europe

Where should Europe end? This paper sketches an analytical framework
to answer this question. After defining the paradox of the
European borders as “fuzzy identity, strong instrumentality”, the paper
identifies three categories of challenges: geographical, cultural and
political. While public opinion surveys bring no clear evidence of “clash
of civilizations” border divide across Europe, a border of development
does cut the continent in two, and addressing it needs more creative
policies than the former conditionality-based enlargement. The paper
argues for keeping an ambiguous and undefined border of Europe
which would allow further “rolling” enlargement, as Europe’s power as
an emulator is far from being exhausted. As a trade off between grand
enlargement and a concentration of decision with core members seems
inevitable, the paper argues that the most important historical role
Europe can play for the rest of the world in the future is to bring prosperity
and inclusion to its neighbours to the South and East, be they
Orthodox or Muslim.


Référence électonique : Alina MUNGIU-PIPPIDI, "The Endless Game of Bounding Europe", Pouvoirs, revue française d’études constitutionnelles et politiques, n°106, 106 - Les nouveaux États de l’Union, p.131-147 . Consulté le 2023-03-21 08:55:12 . URL : https://www.revue-pouvoirs.fr/The-Endless-Game-of-Bounding.html