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The Paralysis, Renewal, and Future of the Security Council

The unusually mediatized trials and tribulations of the Security Council
in 2003, should not mask the permanent questions about its role
and usefulness. It is often criticized for its very conception, its composition,
the right of veto, its inability to implement its decisions, or its
supposedly arbitrary judgment. This criticism should be tempered.
Indeed one could mention the progress achieved by the Council for
some years, its institutional dynamic, the functional adjustments it has
operated, and the adaptation to new themes which has led it to intervene
in such domains as state reconstruction, international terrorism,
and tomorrow maybe the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
The real challenge it faces is the determination of the United
States to avoid any limitation to its hegemony.


Référence électonique : Serge SUR, "The Paralysis, Renewal, and Future of the Security Council", Pouvoirs, revue française d’études constitutionnelles et politiques, n°109, 109 - L’ONU, p.61-74 . Consulté le 2021-10-21 16:38:06 . URL : https://www.revue-pouvoirs.fr/The-Paralysis-Renewal-and-Future.html