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The Position and Role of the United Nations General Secretary

The media focus on the General Secretary of the United Nations is as
important as the number of articles of the UN Charter dealing with
this position is limited. His appointment is discussed in a very rudimentary
manner leaving many questions unanswered. The member
states have been able to find practical and acceptable solutions to the
problems that have appeared. They have thus expressed their interest
for a General Secretary who should be able to work without being
continually involved in conflicts about the legitimacy of his election.
The administrative tasks of the General Secretary – as well as all his
exclusively international tasks for that matter – are also presented in a
very rudimentary and general manner in the Charter. He, nevertheless,
plays an important role in the preparation and the implementation of
almost all the resolutions and decisions of the various agencies and
sub-agencies of the United Nations. On the other hand, the role of
Article 99 of the Charter is often overestimated. Even without this
Article, the General Secretary would not be a purely administrative
position and Article 99 does not give him, in practice, an explicitly
political responsibility. His responsibilities for the management of the
staff are clearly established in the founding texts, but here again in a
very general fashion. The role of the General Secretary is extremely
important for the smooth operation of the Organization in all its
spheres of competence. Despite Article 99, this role is highly political
and very difficult to perform.


Référence électonique : Carl-August FLEISCHHAUER, "The Position and Role of the United Nations General Secretary", Pouvoirs, revue française d’études constitutionnelles et politiques, n°109, 109 - L’ONU, p.75-88 . Consulté le 2021-10-21 16:25:47 . URL : https://www.revue-pouvoirs.fr/The-Position-and-Role-of-the.html